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A Rewards Maximization App

Puts an extra 10,000 dollars a year in your pocket!

Turns your credit cards into money-making machines.
at Point of Sale and Online.

bestpay Features

Best for people with 3 or more credit and debit cards. Designed to help you maximize rewards and get the most out of your money as you spend it on products, services, payments and premiums.

bestcash Mobile Screen
bestcash Mobile Screen
bestcash card

Pay with bestpay card, mobile app

Pay via your bestpay mobile app or bestpay widget on participating retailer sites. This will be much better than Amazon Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. None of these allows you to maximize rewards. bestpay does!

DASHBOARD Pay bill screen
Maximize Rewards while Paying Bills

Maximize Rewards while Paying Bills

You can pay your bills via bestpay. Enjoy being able to use the best card that will pay you the highest rewards. You can also set up bill alerts so you are always on top of your bills.

DelightMe Services: 365 days a year 24/7

bestpay crunches the numbers on savings programs for maximum reward & savings so you don't have to. And helps your optimize your loan and insurance portfolio. And helps you optimize your loan and insurance monthly and annual payments.

DASHBOARD Pay bill screen


  • Individuals
  • Banks & Credit Card Issuers
  • Corporations and Member Benefit Organizations
  • Other FinTechs

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